"Dear Jenni, 

The experience of working with you has been overwhelmingly positive. I found you to be very thorough, detail-oriented and professional, plus your great sense of humour made the whole experience fun. It has helped me get excited about my wardrobe and feel more comfortable in everything I do, whether it be at work, going to dinner or just out shopping. I cannot tell you how many compliments I received on the outfits that we purchased. Learning about my colour palette was really helpful for me, the colours you picked for me looked fabulous, I would never have chosen them on my own. It has made me so happy that I no longer have to say “I’ve got nothing to wear” as now I am spoilt for choice. I was also really impressed at how you where able to choose clothes that complimented my figure so well. Now I have the knowledge and confidence to be able to go through my wardrobe and clear out all the clothes that don’t suit me as well as knowing what to keep. I also feel much more up to date and even stylish. If someone wants to look their best and feel their best, I would highly recommend you as their stylist, as I have found the whole experience to be a fun and productive. I can’t thank you enough Jenni, your advice has been invaluable.

Kind Regards, 

Caroline," Brisbane


Thank you so much for your wardrobe & style help. I really enjoyed cleaning out my wardrobe, the end result was refreshing and not at all daunting. However, I really want to thank-you for showing me not only what styles of clothes will suit me and my lifestyle but also how I can adapt my favourite wardrobe pieces and what other items of clothing and accessories I can wear with them. It is now great to leave the house feeling good about what I am wearing and all my friends have commented on my new look, many saying “have you been shopping for a whole new wardrobe, you look great”. I also now know what clothes I should be looking at when I do need to buy more clothes, ones that suit me and also ones that will also compliment my existing wardrobe items.

Georgie,"  Burleigh Heads.

Dear Jenni, 

I just wanted to say thank you for the styling session last week, it was absolutely amazing. I learnt so many things my head was spinning with excitement and inspired by new ideas by the end of it all. You helped me stay within my own style but you also stretched me immensely. You have such an incredible talent and I look and feel great in my new look wardrobe items – thank you again.

Gina - Ipswich

Below: Caroline Before
Below: Caroline After